About Us

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Our Mission

Wings Over Alaska is an aviation support ministry with a mission to bring hope, encouragement, and empowerment to the remote regions of Alaska. Our mission is simple: "Bringing the hope found in Jesus to remote Alaska, one flight, one person, one village at a time." We are dedicated to supporting the gospel reach in the far corners of remote Alaska and strive to bridge the gap between these isolated villages and the essential resources and the message of Jesus they need.


Why Aviation?

Alaska's vastness, extreme weather, and limited road infrastructure make aviation the lifeline for many remote villages. We're dedicated to overcoming these challenges, ensuring that help reaches every corner of this beautiful state. 


Our Story

Almost a decade ago, the Dodge family answered a call to serve the Alaskan natives. Soon after, they recognized that utilizing aviation would greatly enhance their ministry's effectiveness. This realization led to the formation of Wings Over Alaska. In the summer of 2023, in collaboration with AngelOne, Wings Over Alaska now utilize a Cessna 182 to initiate essential flight operations and support the villages we're currently serving. Our vision includes expanding our fleet to reach even more villages in the future. 

Around the same time, we identified an ideal hangar at Big Lake Airport, Alaska. This hangar will serve as our base of operations, facilitating regular maintenance, mission group staging for interior service, and offering space for planes and equipment. It's a crucial part of our strategy to extend our reach, enhance safety for our team, and optimize daily operations for more effective community service. With your support, we can make this vision a reality.

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