At Wings Over Alaska, we're on a mission to make a difference in the lives of Alaska's remote villages and communities. Our aviation ministry is dedicated to bringing hope, support, and the message of Jesus to the farthest corners of this unique and challenging land. 

Alaska's formidable landscape presents unique challenges when it comes to traveling to remote villages and communities. With its vastness, limited road infrastructure, and extreme weather conditions, traditional transportation methods often prove impractical, leaving these isolated areas in need of hope, support, and empowerment.

In response to these substantial challenges, aviation emerges as the vital solution. Our primary mission is to establish connections with communities where traditional travel is hindered. We've been blessed with a Cessna 182 aircraft, which is currently serving several communities in the Alaskan interior. This aircraft is a lifeline for these areas, enabling us to bring critical resources and support where it's needed most.

As we strive to expand our reach and impact even more remote communities, we're in the process of purchasing a hangar in Big Lake followed by purchasing additional aircraft.  You can make a significant difference in these remote regions by contributing to the establishment of our base in Big Lake. Your support can help us uplift these isolated villages, one flight at a time.

One Flight

Aviation Training & Services

Wings Over Alaska provides flights and maintenance in support of the Alaskan ministry.

One Village

Humanitarian Support

Collaborating with other Alaskan humanitarian organizations to serve remote communities in their time of greatest need.

One Person

Bible Based Training

Providing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health to men, women and families for the purpose of bettering the community.